PRAGUE - December 2002

Time to do a little shopping for our New Year’s Eve picnic. Delish! I bought these champagne flutes at Tesco and they ended up being thrown to the ground along with many champagne and beer bottles later that night while yelling “happy new year!”



It’s 6 am on New Year’s Eve morning and my husband looks out the window on his way to the restroom to find that it had just started to snow. Yipee! We were hoping we’d be able to see Prague covered in snow and we got our wish. Magical doesn’t even begin to describe it.

We headed for Charles Bridge to find this incredible, golden scene. This photo has NOT been altered. This is EXACTLY how the photo was shot and developed. When we got the film back, we were stunned at how well this came out.

Around noon we had wandered back to Old Town Square and found they were shooting a movie. This photo was altered to a sepia tone. I just love it.